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Midwest Funk Volume 2

Midwest Funk Volume 2

This album hit #67 on the Billboard Charts.

With the success of the first release, the Midwest Funk Soundtrack, Ratti Records took the next compilation project to even greater heights with the Midwest Funk Volume 2. This album added artist from all over the midwest and started a national buzz that leaked out overseas. The success from the Midwest Funk Volume 2 set up soundtrack deals for the movies Fakin Da Funk, Better Way To Die, Blade and the album hit #67 on the billboard charts.

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Rest In Peace (Radio)
This is How We Roll
Everyday Thang
Money To burn(Radio)
Stretched Out
The Plot
Murder Realistic

My Life
Youngstown on Deez
Stay True to the Game
Who Can Make the World Swing
Full Clip (Radio)
Getting Close
Invasion of the Body Snatchaz