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Nuffy:For My Protection Watch The Nuffy Commercial 

Nuffy: For My Protection

This album reached #72 on the Billboard Charts.

If you have heard Nuffy on the Midwest Funk Soundtrack, Midwest Funk Volume 2 and the Fakin Da Funk movie soundtrack (starring Tayana Ali, Pam Grier, Neil Carter, John Witherspoon and others),then you are ready for the solo debut by Nuffy, entitled For My Protection.This album shows a lot of versatility from club hits, rough cuts and even a rap ballad. Nufffy has reached magazines and the airwaves overseas and across the U.S.A.. The album For My Protection also hit #72 on the billboard charts.

Nuffy: For My Protection - Click Here To Listen!

Intro (Gingerbread Man)
Dead Mans Song
Power Of The Real
Time Runs Short (remix)
Marz Attacks -radio
Nahm Ghettos
No Ph E-Mails-radio
Live and Learn-radio

Money Makin Moves
No Lies
Let's Get It Twisted-radio
All the Game In the World-radio
2 X Tuff
One Day-radio

Outro (Gingerbread Man)