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Black Salt is Ratti Entertainment's newest film in development.

Black Salt is a PG-13 martial arts feature film franchise. This international film is an epic story about an ancient and powerful style of martial arts that has been practiced in the Shaolin Temple for hundreds of years. When this ancient art is misused to steal a deadly virus that can threaten the world and change the balance of power, Samuel Tharpe steps in to stop the threat. With the murder of his son by the perpetrator of this evil scheme, Samuel Tharpe has to walk through a forbidden door to save his surviving children and perhaps the world. Samuel’s suspenseful journey will take him to Russia then a small mountainous Chinese province, then back half way across the world to America. This action packed film has a strong universal message, “A man should be judged in life by the pureness of his heart and his deeds and not by his origin or what Klan he was born into.” Black Salt is a cross between Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon meets Blade.