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Midwest Funk Soundtrack

Midwest Funk Soundtrack

This album is dedicated to the Funk of the '70's and early '80's.

When Funk exploded on the scene and stayed hot through the 70's and early 80's, it had a lot of it's roots- Isley Brothers, Heat Wave, OJays, Roger Troutman... and the list goes on in Ohio cities like Columbus. The Funk has come back with a force in the music today- artist of all kind keep on using it- what better place to scout for talent, find it, and produce it, than where it started - COLUMBUS MOB - a collection of the best rap and R&B artist around Columbus and the Ohio area.

When the Midwest Funk Soundtrack album was released, the hit single Underground Funk was so popular, radio stations all over Ohio added the song to there playlist rotation and the single received a ton of spins. The music video also played on video shows and commercial's on BET and MTV. The second single of the Midwest Funk Soundtrack album Bitches Are Hustlers Too would soon set up Ratti Records biggest soundtrack deal for the movie Bulworth in which Warren Beatty who starred and produced the film picked the song himself.

Midwest Funk Soundtrack - Click Here To Listen!

Underground Funk
Dayton Stroll
Times Run Short
Pits of Hell (Radio)
The Chronic

We Can Do This (Radio)
International Player (Radio)
Bitches Are Hustlers Too
Tahitian Treat