Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left
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Black Salt: A Major Motion Picture by Ratti Entertainment, Inc.

In this epic story Samuel Tharpe a top CIA agent accidentally kills the son of a powerful Chinese crime boss in an undercover sting operation to retrieve a deadly Nanotech weapon know as the "Cloud of Death". The crime boss Kali Zhang is a rogue Shaolin Monk that is extremely skilled in martial arts. Kali built his criminal empire after being exiled from the temple for murder and other atrocities.

Ratti Entertainment Inc. has been working on this innovative intellectual property for the past 5 years and is now in the last phase of development. The franchise includes, but will not be limited to, the following Black Salt collectible items: the Apparel line, Comic books, Trading cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video games and Film trilogy. Read More...

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Midwest Funk Volume 3

Midwest Funk Volume 3

Most successful album for Ratti Entertainment.

With the success of the Midwest Funk Volume 2 compilation album hitting #67 on the billboard charts, Midwest Funk Volume 3 exploded at home and overseas. The Midwest Funk Volume 3 is Ratti's biggest selling album project to date. The success of the Midwest Funk Volume 3 came from three important marketing factors. First it was a double CD. One rap disc (The Evolution of Rap) and one R&B disc (The Theory of R&B) which has never been done before. Both CD's were packaged together and priced as a single CD, so the second CD was a free bonus. The second factor was adding artist from all over the United States. The third and deciding factor was adding big name artist to the album project. A few of the big named artist that appeared on the album was Twista, Co-Coo Cal, Souljah Boy, Hoffa from the KillArmy and the multi-platinum group Troop.

Midwest Funk 3 - Click Here To Listen!

The Evolution of Rap
Disc One

D-Fyne, featuring Souljahboy (Formerly of Mo Thugs)
Jag Da Apostle and Hoffa (Formerly of Kill Army)
Co-Coo-Cal featuring Twista
Shadow featuring Machete and Cool Ray
Wrec Room
Al Nuke featuring Jiggy jack Anonymous
The Raise Up Clique
D.A.from the Grand Villains
1/2 Pynnt
City Slickaz
Money Loc
Swan featuring Kamp Kelemal
Newsense of Psychodrama featuring Lagicel
Da Kamitty featuring Trauma from Da Kamp

The Theory of R&B
Disc Two

Rated R
Trunell Salter
Smooth Approcah
Glen Washington
O Flava PSI
Steff and K-Jill
Rythum & Ghetto
Michael Hall


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