Midwest Funk Volume 3

Midwest Funk Volume 3

Most successful album for Ratti Entertainment.

With the success of the Midwest Funk Volume 2 compilation album hitting #67 on the billboard charts, Midwest Funk Volume 3 exploded at home and overseas. The Midwest Funk Volume 3 is Ratti's biggest selling album project to date. The success of the Midwest Funk Volume 3 came from three important marketing factors. First it was a double CD. One rap disc (The Evolution of Rap) and one R&B disc (The Theory of R&B) which has never been done before. Both CD's were packaged together and priced as a single CD, so the second CD was a free bonus. The second factor was adding artist from all over the United States. The third and deciding factor was adding big name artist to the album project. A few of the big named artist that appeared on the album was Twista, Co-Coo Cal, Souljah Boy, Hoffa from the KillArmy and the multi-platinum group Troop.

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The Evolution of Rap
Disc One

D-Fyne, featuring Souljahboy (Formerly of Mo Thugs)
Jag Da Apostle and Hoffa (Formerly of Kill Army)
Co-Coo-Cal featuring Twista
Shadow featuring Machete and Cool Ray
Wrec Room
Al Nuke featuring Jiggy jack Anonymous
The Raise Up Clique
D.A.from the Grand Villains
1/2 Pynnt
City Slickaz
Money Loc
Swan featuring Kamp Kelemal
Newsense of Psychodrama featuring Lagicel
Da Kamitty featuring Trauma from Da Kamp

The Theory of R&B
Disc Two

Rated R
Trunell Salter
Smooth Approcah
Glen Washington
O Flava PSI
Steff and K-Jill
Rythum & Ghetto
Michael Hall